The Areas of Application
HOML routinely performs document risk assessments for government agencies, banks, and corporations. Our staff is also available to work with your company to provide the best document security solution for your application. From hidden-image technology, to heat-reactive security inks, our security features are the strongest on the market.

Secure Solutions for a Worldwide Market
Our security-enhanced paper products are ideal for a vast range of applications for industries around the globe. From legal documents, birth certificates, and college transcripts. Some major areas of applications are:

  • Law Firms and Consultants: Court Transcripts, Stock Certificates, Business Contracts
  • Hospitals and Physicians: Prescription Forms, Pharmaceutical Labels, and Insurance Documents
  • Public and Private Education: College Transcripts, Exam Papers, and Report Cards
  • Financial Institutions and Banks: Checks and Money Orders
  • Government Agencies: Currency Notes, Birth Certificates, ID Cards, Driversí Licenses, Vehicle Titles, and Visa/Passport Programs
  • International Commerce: Funds Transfer Documents, Checks, and Import/Export Documents
  • Retail Environments: Labels & Tags, Gift Certificates, Coupons, and Checks

HOML can help...
We've developed numerous document security solutions for governmental agencies and large corporations around the globe. Whether you require corporate checks, non-copy able gift certificates, product warranties, legal documents, birth certificates, or even college transcripts - we've likely done it already. Contact us today for a consultation.