We are pleased to introduce ourselves as Holographic Origination and Machineries Limited (HOML) , an ISO 9001:2008 certified Public Limited Company based at Kolkata, INDIA which specializes in the development, production and marketing of technologies related to anti-fraud security solutions. The Company’s mission is to engineer effective security methodologies to protect original content from replications, forgery and counterfeiting. It is our belief that most covert technologies, if used alone, are easily defeated with today’s digital scanners or copiers. Too often the untrained person accepting the document overlooks the not so obvious, covert or passive security feature. We do however believe that unique covert technologies can be a powerful deterrent to stop both document and brand counterfeiting. 

Specifically, HOML has been the leader in developing anti-fraud security features by using the following criteria:

    At least one layered technology should be interactive and allow for easy verification of the original.

    At least one layered technology should be next to impossible to duplicate or reverse engineer. It should also deter the criminal by forcing the use of expensive equipment and extensive expertise to try to replicate the original.

    The cost of the protecting technology should not exceed the perceived risk.

HOML has developed various security technologies, which require special knowledge and/or techniques in order to be used effectively. The company includes knowledge or techniques as part of its overall solution program.

We are also engaged in the business of manufacturing the most cost effective and sophisticated Turn-Key Manufacturing Equipment for Security Holograms and Allied Products, Holographic Packaging Films and Roll Vacuum Metalizers for producing Metalized Films which are the main raw materials for all Holographic Products and Flexible Packaging in today's world. 

We also manufacture Security Holograms, Electro-Luminescent Display (ELD) Advertisement Materials and Lenticular Display Advertisement Materials.

The company markets its products and services through three channels.

Manufacturers who are authorized to use materials furnished by HOML or a licensed manufacturer. The authorized manufacturer must adhere to the same control, security and record keeping guidelines and submit the same reports as the licensed manufacturer at their normal selling price. There is a one-time license and royalty fee for this service.

Distributor/Agents who are authorized to sell products using any of the HOML's security features. The distributor/agent must sign a “chain of custody” Security Agreement and adhere to HOML's control and security guidelines. Authorized Distributors/Agents can engage HOML on a consulting basis to provide educational seminars and custom design of security documents. Consulting services are billed by HOML at the company’s standard hourly billing rates.

Governments or companies interested in security document education and in the custom design of security documents can engage HOML directly on a consulting basis. Consulting services and products are billed by HOML at the company’s standard billing rate.

The Fraudulent Power of Pixels
HOML plays an important role in the security of the world’s most important documents, from something as personal as a birth certificate to the dynamics of global economics and worldwide commerce.

Due to the increasing capabilities of scanners, copiers, and graphics software, keeping valuable documents secure is a constant challenge. A recent article by the International Chamber of Commerce estimated that forgery, and document fraud is a $600 billion-a-year headache. And that doesn’t even include the criminal impact from forged credentials, fake prescriptions and other illegal document duplication or alteration.

Protect Every Page You Print
Our paper products are protected by an advanced suite of security printing techniques. We continually evaluate our products and technologies against new types and techniques of counterfeiting and forgery to ensure that our security features remain the strongest on the market.

From blank “VOID” / "COPY" paper to visa/passport programs, HOML offers a portfolio of solutions to provide the most effective and affordable protection against unauthorized and illegal document alteration and duplication. We continually evaluate our products against new techniques of forgery to ensure that our security features are the strongest on the market. Our products are deployed worldwide by government agencies, major organizations, and large corporations in a range of industries.

Take a close look at our custom product offerings. We are confident that we can make your documents more secure than ever.

Mission Statement

The HOML research approach is rigorous, ensuring that your performance parameters are met, and uncertainties avoided. A full line of integrated software's are available, accommodating a variety of shapes & sizes to fit even the most challenging designs. As the final step, we use quantitative specification, rigorous tolerances, in-process testing, and digital measurement techniques to ensure that we deliver a precise and reliable product. You’ll also be impressed by our application support, including prompt prototyping, requirements analysis, pre-prototype hardware, electronic data interchange and more.

HOML offers patented, proven technologies that achieves every set goal. And these processes were developed by practical working engineers: there are no radical, futuristic, unproven technologies or concepts involved, which is a critical feature for a product with a great immediate demand that must be satisfied. The revolutionary advantages are achieved with new applications of existing technologies.

HOML strives to maximize the critical HS&E (Health, Safety and Environmental) metric benefits for the end users of the technologies. This is accomplished in HOML's  every process. This means less equipment to operate, fewer chemicals to manage, and little or no off-site transportation or disposal of waste materials.
Further, HOML technologies intentionally utilize basic, conventional equipment. Failure scenarios for this equipment are simple and inconsequential. Standby systems are engineered into the process. There are no high-pressure reaction vessels or radiation sources or similar safety-compromising units in these systems.


..."Tomorrow’s Security Solutions for Today’s Fraud"
has a powerful vision of partnership. This vision is built on Value, Service, and Technology. The VALUE component helps our customers meet their key business objectives of cost control while providing security solutions to reduce fraud related losses. The Service component demonstrates the commitment of HOML and its associates to provide customers with unparalleled support, information and solutions. The Technology component is built on years of successful security development and patents which deter unauthorized duplication of sensitive information or products of value. Our commitment to continued technological research and development assures our vision of "Partners in Success" with the most advanced and effective security technologies available in the marketplace.


We are committed to meet the stated expectations of our customers, through our well-designed and established service and delivery system that is sensitive and accommodative to continuous technology up-gradation and value analysis. We continuously strive to improve the effectiveness of our quality system. Globalization and instant access to information, products and services continue to change the way our customers conduct business. Today's competitive environment leaves no room for error. We always meet our customers' needs and relentlessly look for new ways to exceed their expectations. Quality has become a part of our culture.

To achieve this goal, our impetus will be towards the following :

  1. Optimal utilization of men, machine, finance and resources.

  2. Provision of safe working environment.

  3. Planning systems for effective implementation.

  4. Development of reliable vendors for a higher degree of quality assurance.

  5. Adherence to project completion schedules.

Integrity is our key word :

We are a company of integrity. Our nationwide reputation for honest and reliable business conduct, built by so many people over so many years, is tested and proved in each business transaction we make. Today HOML is far more dynamic, globally directed and customer-driven  than ever before. We are playing offence-trying new things to build our business success - our quality products and services, our forthright relations with customers, suppliers and each other, and, ultimately, our winning competitive record. But HOML's quest for competitive excellence begins and ends with our commitment to lawful and ethical conduct.

Each employee of the HOML community makes a personal commitment to follow our Code of Conduct. Guiding us in upholding our ethical commitment is a set of HOML policies on key integrity issues. All our employees comply not only with the letter of these policies but also their spirit.

Environment Health & Safety :

HOML's environmental, health and safety vision is clear and simple.
We must :

  1. Keep our workers safe on the job

  2. Ensure that we are good neighbors to the communities in which we do business by complying with environmental laws and regulations

  3. Address historical contamination issues cooperatively and completely and

  4. Incorporate this vision into our processes and products.

Quality Policy

Our company is quality-driven. Our state-of-the-art production unit ensures to manufacture premium quality products. We are compliant with the industrial norms. Our mission is to make continuous improvements in the quality of our products through updating our technology and procedures. Strict vigil is maintained throughout the manufacturing procedure to come out with optimum quality products. Our reliability is corroborated by the ISO 9001 : 2008 Certification.


Our Concerned Website:www.homl.in