SecureDoc Security Printing Software
Holographic Origination & Machineries Limited (HOML)
offers a collection of software technologies for the total automation of high-volume security print production. Our capabilities include order-entry, data capture, electronic proofing and annotation, interactive layout and design, composition and pagination, variable imaging, imposition and ganging, digital printer interfaces, and complete prepress workflow management. Many of the largest print manufacturers, governmental agencies, and in-plant print shops worldwide rely on HOML's software technology for their security print development and prepress operations.

HOML's SecureDoc software technology is used worldwide for the production and management of business forms, labels, and security documents. HOML also provides custom software development and consulting services to assist in the successful integration of our products with existing customer systems

UNIX-based composition software for the creation of business forms, labels, and security documents. Includes interactive tools for custom design, and batch composition capabilities for merging variable data and pre-designed templates.

SecureDoc Workstation with Optional Tablet Digitizer, 4-Button Puck, Flatbed Scanner, and Keyboard

SecureDoc is the next generation of the HOML's security technology, a software product family specifically developed for professional prepress groups within the security business industry. HOML's SecureDoc integrates composition functions for manufactured business forms, variable-data merged forms, flexographic labels, and security documents. SecureDoc runs on industry-standard PC's with a user-friendly X-Windows graphical interface. SecureDoc's digital design files are completely interchangeable with other HOML products, including the software for electronic and Internet business forms and the electronic proofing software.

A Colorful Point-and-Click Graphical Interface for the Forms Designer

The elegant arrangement of the status readouts, menu buttons, and drawing window allows the operator to control the SecureDoc software with confidence. For each drawing tool, option windows "pop-up" by clicking the right mouse button. For every step, "next action prompts" appear at the top of the screen to guide the user. An on-line help feature is also available whenever a question arises.

Powerful Features for Composing Business Forms, Labels, and Security Documents

SecureDoc is the the world's premier business forms composition system. The software offers designers a comprehensive suite of tools to create multi-color, multi-part forms with graduated screens, borders and anti-copy, scanned logos, barcodes, and fine typography. For label manufacturing, the software includes trapping, flexographic distortion, and a unique step-and-repeat feature. To add security to any document,  SecureDoc provides functions for superimposed hidden "Void" messages, a relief line generator, microprint composer, prismatic color mixer, and FineLace for lacey backgrounds. With batch pagination, forms production from order-entry to plate can be entirely automated. Finished designs are output via PostScript as flawless color-separated negatives or printing plates, or they may be transmitted to digital color printing presses for high-speed variable-imaging applications.

Designed for Automated Prepress Production

The  SecureDoc System is a powerful, programmable, page make-up and composing workstation. In addition to the interactive WYSIWYG capabilities,  SecureDoc includes job scripting and programming features to easily automate many time-consuming standard composition tasks. By using these capabilities, customers can configure repetitive prepress jobs to operate on "automatic pilot'' thereby saving time while reducing labor costs and production errors.

Because  SecureDoc runs on a Pentium PC with the FreeBSD Unix Operating System many open-source royalty-free software suites are included and available at no charge to build custom production workflows. For example, a complete Apache HTTP Server is included for web site hosting, as well as the MySQL Database Management System.

Excellent Customer Service from HOML.

HOML provides excellent customer service, training, maintenance, and periodic software updates to keep  SecureDoc installations running at peak performance. For more information about the  SecureDoc software or other fine HOML products, mail us.